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We are very blessed and priviliged to have many opportunities to be built up in our faith through the fantastic camps we are involved in together with our sister churches.  We praise God for everyone who contributes, in our church and in other churches, to make these very special events happen.

Video: The latest camp - Heritage Camp 2014-2015

Heritage Camp

Every summer over the New Year period we host a camp for the family at Narrows Park Camp on Airport Road, Hamilton.  This year we will have a series of messages on parenting and marriage along with extra DVD seminars for those interested.  On top of all the wisdom that can be gleaned from God's Word there is the usual chaos of game time, waterfights, and of course, sweet fellowship!



Teen Camp

An annual camp at Forest Lakes Christian Camp near Otaki.  Please see the Teen Ministry page for more info and video of teen camp.

Young Men's Retreat

A ministry that focuses on spiritual leadership and holiness for our young men in a world that derides both qualities.  Check out the video on the Men's Ministry page.

Ladies Retreat

Another fantastic annual event, this time for our ladies.  They enjoy spiritual food for their souls and being waited on by the men for a relaxing banquet.  See the Ladies Ministry page for more details.

Boot Camp

This is a one-off special event for those 16years old and upwards who are serious about serving the Lord.  See our Boot Camp page

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