Fellowship Baptist Church


March 2018

Hi Pastor Jono & all that support this great work in Malawi,

I hope you are all well and well braced for the cold.

I am well by God's grace. The Lord's work continues to thrive, more especially the reason for RBB - training local pastors. This month will see the second round of teaching which lasts 5days each session. There are 4 groups of 8- 10 pastors each time. Lodgings are now at the campus which has reduced costs some.

The pastors seem to be benefiting from the training as some feedback indicates. Initially, the plans were to do this every month but due to transport& food costs the training will be done alternate months. Harvest Baptist Church in the USA can no longer afford to fund the training. The Fulkersons pay for the food during these times and also contribute a lot towards the annual pastors conference due in July this year. This couple do sacrifice their pension for this cause.

The local church building - funded hugely by Harvest Baptist Church is at roofing level - almost. There is also a building fund that we contribute to as missionaries as well as church members.

There isn't much growth in the church as people come and go according to circumstances, and due to some church divisions and the rainy season weather.

Some ministries like Wednesday ladies teaching has stopped due to very poor attendance. The divisions in the church have mostly caused these problems.  My Monday Seven Steps To Joy class has also stopped for the same reason but God willing I will start teaching two new people. Please pray for one of them;  Margaret – an ex drunkard I witnessed to, stopped drinking and attends church most times with us but is Presbyterian. She requested to be taught so I am obliging. The other lady is our church member I found baptized when I returned from my furlough but she brews and drinks alcohol. I also finished teaching Lonily, Rose and Lameck who I taught on separate days as chance allowed. Lameck is at High School and one of my best learners. He is requesting for baptism.

So because of the other ministries we had to stop I started a Thursday morning witnessing programme which Mrs G, Lonily and Rose are partners. Saturday afternoons I go witnessing with either a couple of teen girls or boys as available. With the teens I started going to the local hospital guardian shelters. We take turns to witness and give out tracts in the wards. At Easter we had a special in a paediatric ward where we took small parcels, sang and taught the gospel.

Despite all this we still experience troubles from villagers and family of Magaisa, a guy who worked for the Fulkersons and caused so much trouble in the church. Pray for us because so much has happened and happening.

Two teens ran off - one of them pastor Victory's orphaned niece and the boy mrs G's "adopted" son.  The boy has started a smear campaign against the ministry - the girl apparently pregnant.   It has been the most trying time ever for me and waiting for the Lord to reveal the reason for it all.  I also had to send home one of the3 teens I have been supporting - she became unmanageable.

We have a reduced number of Sunday school kids and the reason is the unrest in the church and village. We used to have 80- 90 kids now 35 - 40.  The teen girls group has not escaped this. There are times when we have one come and we will teach the one. Through that two more are saved praise God.

In all this I have confidence the Lord knows why He is allowing this but I know what Tilly Mc Lean would say - Philippians 1: 6.  Please pray for God's will for RBB Malawi.

Thank you very much for all your prayers and financial support. The Lord bless each one of you for without you some kids couldn't go to school, hear the gospel each week, own a Bible when they have memorised a couple verses ( which is very hard when you have no Bible), blessed us with Chick tracks, encouraging messages, birthday greetings - the list is endless. All I can say is Thank you.


In Christ and for Christ, Theresa.



July 2016 update

Hi pastor Jono and all brethren and friends in NZ and Australia,


 I hope all is well with each one of you as we all grow and mature in the work of the Lord.

 I am well except my eye glasses broke and found an old pair I got in NZ that I am using for reading. It takes 2-3 months to get lens from South Africa.

 I had a great 2 & 1/2 days visiting with my youngest son Chipulu who came to Zambia to visit family and visited me in Malawi. I am grateful to the Lord for that because I missed him a lot.

 The Fulkersons moved in from Blantyre back to Mulanje yesterday. It’s great to have a couple- missionary here at last. All praise to the Lord who knew and understood our needs. They have no power yet in their house - they are renting in a place we used to be in 3 years ago as there's no more room on the ministry property.

 It will be easier for everyone to prepare for the August pastors/wives conference them being at hand. The march conference was a challenge to prepare for with Moses and Mrs Goodman away but the Lord helped us and it was a success even as August will be.

 Most of the pastors are benefiting from these teachings and with the coming of Mr Fulkerson and an established pastor's bible school and pastor Freedom as the teacher things look brighter for Reaching Beyond Borders indeed.

 I do look forward to August when pastor Jono and other brethren visit us here. We will be blessed indeed.

 Please pray for this conference because it will determine which pastors are for real and which ones are in for what they can get out of it.

Pray that more pastor's wives will be willing to learn and change and be fit helpmates for their husbands - cultural beliefs are strong here. The woman has the say in the family.

 Pray also for some ministry issues that need to be resolved so that we can move forward and grow.

 The medical part of this work need a lot of prayer as drugs are very expensive now and it is difficult to cater for the needs of the people. I have been praying for guidance and wisdom concerning this. I believe that if I reduced to supporting palliative care clients only because they are the most needy and neglected section here. Even with only those I will still need more support to run this. I can assure you that the few clients I have attended to are leading a better life now and saved - praise God. I spend a lot of quality time with them.

It is my plan to continue my one day volunteer work at the local hospital and had my practising licence renewed this week.

 The girls are doing well and thank you for your prayers Charity does not require surgery for her back at the moment.

 Please continue to pray for bro. Anger for wisdom and guidance for the ministry and also for us all here and in Mozambique.

 I love you all and pray for you.

 In Christ,


February 2016 update

I am well, a little disturbed with the orphan girls here. They are 18 and I guess tired of school and rules Winking faceWinking face. Regina is on antidepressants. She's not doing as well as she used to before. There has been some boy issues and here the girl child can marry as early as 14 and they are all past that age. So when Regina goes to school she has severe headache and has to come home. This started when I went to Zambia and I put a stop to the hysteria but she has found a way round it. Ida who is the same age - 18 is rude behind my back but pretends she's an angel when I am around but people are complaining and so I have to let them go if thats what they want. Charity is sister to Regina and is 15 and the behaviour of the older ones is rubbing off to her - and I only had boys Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes. No girl problems and to me who was a sweet little girl Winking faceWinking face I struggle to understand this! Tomorrow we have a family meeting and I really think the older ones can go and see if Charity wants to stay - she has a bad spine and scheduled to see a professor on  2nd march.
Other than that now that Mrs Goodman is better at Chichewa language, I am thinking of going to teach junior church at a church we work with and is with RBB. I feel 2 good Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes junior church teachers is a waste of resources that can benefit the other church. I used to go and teach there after Jason left but had to stop to help mrs G with our brand new junior church at Nkhonya.
For now we stopped our ladies ministry till after the rains - March/April. I do go on one on one gospel teaching. I have started discipling the church women since I have been back and they are quiet about it - am a slave driver I guess Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes.
Had some quality time with my family back home - the 2 boys, their wives and kids. Even if they are struggling for lack of jobs I encouraged them to trust in the Lord. Am not certain about their salvation though. Said the proper right words but who knows the heart.
I am pleased to report that the Christmas get together at the female section of our local prison happened even if I was away - thanks to mrs G, Estere - our pastors wife - and Chimwemwe, Moses's wife who got a few other women to bring a plate and I had left a little money to help. There were 10 inmates and that's the number that we have plus an infant. We continue our prison ministry and we try to meet their needs even tho unending. Its from soap to mosquito nets and sleeping mats, not to talk about food for Malawi is so poor you would be shocked. Anyway, we making a small difference to some inmates.
Haven't gone back to helping at the hospital as at the moment home affairs plus arranging to build Dorika's little house.
I will let you go with a note on our 1st ever conference happening in March. Busy preparing what to teach, how to teach etc.
We do require heaps prayers.
May I take this opportunity to you all my lovely God loving helpers for my work here to happen. The Lord bless you and how I pray some of you will come to see the work you support here in Malawi.
Love and miss you(when I have chance to think of the old life) Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes.
Our need for a church building this year could please go on your prayer list which will also have Mrs G's kindy for the village kids.
Also pray for the running of the clinic which has been hard because things are so expensive and the government's policy is that I have a clinician run the clinic but here people don't work on voluntary basis. So we will see what mountains the Lord will move so I can afford to help these people.
I thank all who contributed to the Christmas present. You guys know just when I need the extra dollar - many,many thanks and God bless you all. You are amazing!!!
In Christ,

December 2015 update


Dear Pastor Jono,

It has been a while since I wrote to NZ, however I will try my best to give an update of what is happening here.  First I got my practising licence and so once per week I do volunteer work at the Palliative Care Dept. of the government hospital. We start work with me teaching on salvation and then give chemotherapy for skin cancers - a very good opportunity for witnessing.  Last month I was requested to work for 3 days because of a shortage. The work is heartbreaking at times - poverty!! But I love going there for witnessing.

I have one Bible group that I teach - Mrs Goodman has two but I interpret for her. I am also discipling women in our church. We also have a kids Bible study group which is growing every time - we give treats - a bit of cheating but there are some changes in some of the children.

I go with a few women of the church to prison every week and I take turns to teach with Mrs Goodman.

Church attendance fluctuates as people are trying the waters first, many expecting hand outs. We have about 6 people for baptism as soon as the rivers fill up.

The land for a church building was bought by Mrs Goodman's church in  USA and the same church will supply funds for building. Mrs Goodman will have a pre-school/ kindy there.

A few churches in America are paying for two wells to be dug on the two properties as water is expensive here.

Thanks to you all I have been able to help a number of old helpless women have food on their tables and taken to the hospital for care.

We have now a midweek church service with good attendance.

We hope to have our first ladies conference in March - God willing.

It has been expensive running the ministry - Mrs Goodman often bails us out.

The girls (orphans) are doing well at school and they are all saved now.

We give praise to the Lord always for the work he allows us do for his kingdom.


Prayer points:

- spiritual growth for all of us more especially for the new converts.

-completion of a pastors house so pastors from Malawi and Mozambique can come and stay for training purposed.

- we are praying for well wishers to come forward and support us to buy Chichewa bibles for the ladies that read - they cost US$11 each.

Continue praying for us as we need leadership - a mature couple to come run the place.

May I thank you for your support in prayers and other.

Thank you ladies for the money you contributed for me at the Ladies Conference. May the Lord bless you all. I love and miss you all.

In Christ,



July 2015 update

Hi Pastor Jono and all brethren,

Greetings from Mulanje, Malawi and warm greetings too, even though it is starting to get cold. I hope you are all well and busy serving the Lord our Master one way or another.

I am well, very well in fact as I venture into new territories here. I know that I have been slack with my updates of late but I have been busy with a lot of goings on.  Many of you know that we parted company with the Sigmons and they are back in the States and I have heard that Jason has been going to Guyana for short trips of evangelism.  Mrs Kelli seems to be doing fine as I get to follow her on facebook.

We now have a new addition to the ministry or should I say additions.  We now work with Mrs Sharon Goodman who worked with another ministry here in Malawi for the last 5yrs.  Her church back in the States have sent her to work with us as the church will be supporting Reaching Beyond Borders Ministry (Bro Angers ministry) which I am part of.  She will be supervising the financial part of the ministry making sure the money coming from her church is used for its intended purposes. She has also started to teach in the village as I have been doing and she will start a free kindy when we have the premises available.

Our church has grown a little bit to between 20 -30 people attending every week.  We have even started junior church. We congregate on the mission property on Mrs Goodman's porch - thank God Mr Jason built a big one.  We are running short of space though thus are looking for land close to the property for a church building on which the pre-school will operate from as well.  The costs go up more especially as people find out who wants to buy.  We have offered for a 36x20 metre piece but yet to find money for it.  It is costing about $2000 usd.  There are other sites but much smaller, more expensive and further from the property.  At the moment our church is known as Nkhonya Baptist but we will see what everyone will say when Bro. Anger and some of the funders from USA  come in August.

I was unable for various reasons to register with the Nursing Council yet. I have now since undergone a 6 week orientation course at the District hospital and another 3 weeks voluntary time at the mission hospital.  My aim is to work with Palliative care patients who number in their thousands here with the HIV/AIDS infections so rife.  I will be travelling to Lilongwe to present my orientation report and hopefully will then be registered.  It means I can work at any health facility as a volunteer nurse which opens wide my being able to witness to many people.  The ten weeks orientation gave me so many opportunities to witness as I took hundreds of tracts with me with my phone number and Pastor Solomon’s number (Pastor Solomon is the national pastor of the church in Mulanje) on them - we have had some tremendous responses from people and have been able to reach out to many.

For a long time I have been praying for an extension to my borders.  This has been answered by the prison doors being opened to me.  I have been handing out tracts to prisoners as they worked in the community and when allowed I would share the gospel.  So one day I gathered enough courage and found the prison and asked for permission to go witness to the inmates.  I am waiting for the response from the authorities but meanwhile I have been allowed to visit with now 3 female inmates.  They are now requesting me to go weekly to see sick inmates. This is what God can do and I am so excited about this opportunity.  I was there yesterday and they requested Bibles. I am also visiting inmates admitted to hospital so the doors for witnessing are opening! Praise be to God!

I am still fostering the 3 teenagers that were part of the Sigmon’s orphanage. They are doing well at school though still at primary school.  They were home schooled by Mrs Kelli and Malawi has no facilities for that so they had to be taken to lower grades when they went back to public school. They are good kids and thanks to you for your support I can support them.

Please know that all this is possible because of your prayers and financial support. I am very grateful to God for you all and please continue the good work you are doing. With my increased work my pockets run dry quickly.  Our hospitals and prisons here are not like the hotel-like facilities we have in the western world. There aren’t even linen/blankets in these facilities. Please pray for me because at times it gets too much for me even though I love doing it.

Pray for Reaching Beyond Borders ministries as we are expanding.  My one roomed small clinic has been extended to 2 rooms and a small storeroom but we ran out of funds to continue so have no windows and doors and ceiling yet.  I have confidence the Lord will provide at his timing.  Mrs Goodman's church was assisting as well but we will wait and see.

This has been my longest letter yet but I needed to update you fully about the work here.

The church here started when Jason was here but no unsaved person was allowed to attend. Now we have pastor Solomon as pastor from another church.  He is in charge and all are welcome J

We are still floundering but getting there and so need your prayers even as Paul says in Colossians 4 v 3 Withal, praying also for us that God would open unto us a door of utterance.

The Lord bless you all as you continue to do what you do, Amen.

In our Lord’s name,




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February 2015 Update

Dear Pastor Jono and all Brethren,

It has been a while since I got on the internet in fact months.  That is because I was wanting to compose myself, pray and get some facts right before writing.
I pray you are all well and fit for I noticed from sister Jennifer Taputu that there is work to be done at Tokoroa *:) happy.
It's always great to do the Lord's work more especially with brothers and sisters.  All this comes from loving the Lord and wanting to do his will in your life as Psalm 31 : 23 & 24 says O love the LORD, all ye his saints, for the LORD preserveth the faithful and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer. Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD. I am with you in prayer Tokoroa as you endeavour to expand / improve your church building.

Well, as you are aware (most of you) we have had some problems within the ministry - am sure as in other ministries but it ended with the Sigmons leaving and going back to the USA. I can now own the years prior to that were quite a challenge so much so that I don't know how I went through that except I will let God be God. thus my going back to Zambia in November to just get away from it all just for a bit - cowardly? I needed to *:"> blushing.

Now I am back and I cannot really say the problems are over (till kingdom come) but now we have new challenges as we begin to revamp the ministry and kind of reassure the pastors in the villages that we do exist and that support is there for them. Thank you to you all for your generosity in giving of your time in prayer for us and other ways you contributed so we could go on without the support that came from the USA. Your crowns await you in heaven for sure.

Brother Anger visited us in February for a week */:) raised eyebrows but  I and the others appreciated his visit. in the short time we were able to go to the lawyers and re apply for the registration of the ministry, went to the Registrars office to raise our concerns about the 4 year delay in the exercise. We engaged other lawyers to have the property have a Title Deed. He also bought  a truck for the ministry thanks to a new supporter from the USA.

The pastors also have new support from the same source and I do thank God for that because doing that and buying medications and supporting the 3 orphans was a bit too much for me as I was the only one who could do that. In addition we are going to have a new Lady - Mrs Goodman to join the ministry. She is from the church in USA the financial help is coming from. Mrs Goodman has been in Malawi close to 6yrs if not more but she worked in another ministry in Blantyre.

We do still need more workers to direct the work for the harvest is large indeed. Bro. Anger is working round the clock to find willing servants to work with us.

We had heavy rains and floods in January and the situation is very bad in some places but we praise God that we were not affected though some of our pastors were. again thank you to you that helped me alleviate some suffering even though we expect a very challenging year ahead.

As we are now hoping to be registered, I  am going next week to Lilongwe to register myself as a nurse so that I can join the other agencies helping people here without which my help is unwelcome by the government even though I am able to help individuals.
So that is where we are at as a ministry and as for me, I continue to go share the gospel at the two local hospitals and at homes in the village. I am praying to start a youth bible group for girls this coming month to be conducted on the premises - it was not allowed in the previous administration. Pastor Solomon has started a bible group for male youths and has 6 at the moment. I provide them with notebooks and pencils as they cannot afford to buy even their school requirements.  I believe this is going to be a busy year for the ministry as bro. Anger will explain a number of church buildings are going to be put up - hopefully steadier in case of heavy rains.

I will end with Paul's words in 2 Thessalonians 3 :1&2. Finally brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you. And that we may be delivered from unreasonable wicked men : for all men have not faith.

Praise God for his word which ministers to us as we need. That is my prayer letter which can be divided in 4 or 5 sections as some people have no perseverance reading long epistles.

I love and miss you all but it is well with my soul.

In Christ Jesus, Theresa - Agogo.

September Update

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is fine including the new arrival in the Piper family and that Becca is doing well.  It has been a while since I wrote and things have changed here and so here*;) winking.

The Sigmons have gone back to the USA *=(( broken heart and so at the moment Moses is the leader here  and I continue to do the work the Lord finds for me cos at times I pretend to be blind so I don't see.

As most of you are aware, I have 2 new ministries at a local Presbyterian hospital  where I go with Regina, Ester and Catherine on Sunday afternoons between church services. On Wednesday I now go with Ester and her daughter Catherine because Regina and her sister and cousin started going to a public school since Mrs Kelli their teacher is gone. These meetings have now become routine and such a blessing at how the Lord opened my eyes to the need there. There are groups of church people that go there but we are the only ones who go to preach the good news mainly.
The Wednesday meeting usually has about 30 - 40 women and at times a handful of men. This takes place at a place called the family shelter where family of the patients cook and sleep and do laundry as the hospital does not provide meals for patients. So when we go on Wednesdays we take small parcels of salt, soap to those people.
on Sundays we go to the wards - usually the children's ward and witness to the mothers and the staff. we take gifts to the kids and also soap and salt ( essentials ) for the mothers or guardians.

If you remember last year in July I started a village Bible group to our village neighbours but after bro. Angers visit there was some misunderstandings because the owners of the place where we met were expecting some kind of handouts for my teaching their kids - that I pay them or something. So this is on hold for now and depending on how our situation will develop (we might be moving ) then I am looking at starting kids bible teaching elsewhere. I help these kids with notebooks and for intelligent ones at school help with their fees, thanks to you all.

You might be wondering who Ester and Catherine are. At the end of July Jason brought a pastor from elsewhere to live with us to be a help to Moses more especially as Moses travels to other parts of Africa thus pastor Solomon and his family are with us.

I really do not know what's going on but waiting for the Lord's will to be revealed so be in prayer for what remains of the ministry. The kids, I have taken over their welfare otherwise they would have gone back to their run down house in the village and thanks again to you all for the support you give me - others are being blessed, even for hospital and medication bills. The next move is to repair the kids house in the village so they can have somewhere to go to - making plans.

At the moment I am taking one day at a time as God directs as I have learned to do over the 3 years I have been here though at times I fail and have to go back to God's Word for reassurance. He has overcome the world; John 16 :33.

Please note the change of address from P O BOX 47 to PO BOX 222, the other details remain the same. this is for you who write to me the old wonderful way - thanks.

I will stop here and say I praise God for you all for without you I wouldn't be doing this work. May the Lord bless you and keep you faithful to the work he has called you to do.

I love and miss you all 

In Christ,


July Update

Hi everyone,   

I hope you are all well and not too cold.  Here in Africa the weather has gone strange - it is supposed to be winter but at times it gets so hot you wonder.

It's been a long while since I updated you with the ministry here but am sure Pastor Jono has been filling you with some information as it occurred. nothing much has changed except I have since added to my long  list (ha ha ha) of things to do, some new jobs for the Lord. this is the second month that I started going to the local hospital (Presbyterian Mission Hosp.) to proclaim the gospel of the Lord on a regular basis on Sunday afternoons between church services and on Wednesday afternoons. I used to before on the kids ward and share the gospel to the parents and usually it would be when we all go to visit with little trips for the kids but I started to pray for something more so with Regina one of the saved orphans go on the wards.  We usually do the female, children's and maternity wards and it has been such a blessing. Then after more prayer the Lord showed me how the hospital does not provide meals for patients so family accompany the patients to the hospital and do the cooking and laundry for them. I found out where they're lodged and so one day walked there and found a large group of people called guardians cooking, chatting washing clothes etc. I spoke to a few about the best time I could go share the gospel with them and so am there every Wednesday and many attend.  You also find pregnant women awaiting delivery but not yet in labour also staying here because they live in villages far from health centers.
I usually pack little parcels of salt, hard washing soap and give to these people who are in so much need. We have also taken some baby clothes to the pregnant women - a blessing to them. There are usually not less than 40 women and one or two men there every time and its rare that you find the same people every week, so this has been a good way of reaching people with the gospel.  At times I am so overwhelmed with the numbers and get scared to start but with a silent prayer its done. this usually takes about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hrs. 
The group of believers I disciple are doing fine though it is so sad that they know so little of even basic Bible doctrines but we are getting there.  2 or 3 are coming forward to taking the lead when we go witnessing in neighbouring villages.  These are about 15 women.
I still run the clinic as per peoples needs but do not have regular opening times for I would rather go witnessing than open the clinic for just one person. I also continue 3 hrs of helping Mrs Kelli teach the kids the local language and Bible from Monday to Friday. I have slackened off a bit from door to door evangelism and do it occasionally. The village bible school for kids continue on Tuesday afternoons and all the kids at the property come with me - including Uriah who is 3 now and enjoys giving out pencils or candy to kids that answer questions.
Please pray for the future of the ministry as there may be some changes in the next few months.  More especially pray for the orphans that they can be looked after whatever happened to the ministry.  (NOTE FROM P.JONO - the missionary Theresa works under is wanting to sell the land and complex and move on to do his own thing.  The land and buildings however are not his alone, others - including Theresa - put money into it and Bro Anger is a signatory to the land deal.  Please pray for Bro Anger to work this out when he arrives in August so the ministry can continue as it is)
Just continue to pray for me (I know you do) but even more for at times it is very difficult despite the scriptures that assure me of God being there for me. 
I want to thank you all for your prayers, continued support, cards and texts of encouragement - it has been such a blessing to me, thank you.
Will run off for now and so The Lord bless you all
love you all

April 2014 update


Dear Pastor Jono and all brethren,   

It's been a while since you heard from me but I am back again. I hope you are all well and that the Almighty looks after you with abundant blessings.  As for me, I am well.  My eye is better and I am at least reading and so able to prepare all my lessons for my bible teachings and the kid’s school.       

To just update you  some; I have put on a little weight and so am exercising when I remember but I think I will lose some soon because the rains will soon be over and will be outdoors more away from the temptation of food. *O:-) angel. The women's group has expanded some with 4 more women joining us- new converts from one of the sister churches that our women’s group have witnessed to and are now saved. For the moment I have stopped teaching from the James Knox Holy women booklet and started discipling them from the ‘Seven Steps To Joy’ booklet because most of them do not know the basics of their belief. Thank you for your support - at least those that read have access to a Bible even if two can share if they live in the same village. I have identified two promising ones who I can train to do what I do so that when I am not there they can continue the lessons. The ‘Seven Steps to Joy’ was translated into a local language by one of the other missionaries here. This week I got one woman to teach us how to preserve vegetables using a home-made solar drier so that at least they can have food when the rains are over. So we are going to learn to make the drier and use it to dry eggplants for starters.

Back at the village where I live things were a bit slow regarding my Bible teaching because we meet outdoors and it is still the rainy season. I started teaching from the book of Genesis and we are still there and we are blessed because I use flip charts and the kids love the pictures which makes the teaching easier.  I have now Regina, one of the oldest orphans, teach with me, like reading the Bible verses so that she can take over some of the teaching when I am not able to.  In fact Regina even teaches the Bible on salvation to the 7 village kids that Kelli teaches English to on Saturdays. These kids are taught inside our property - I picked them from the village group as they are more intelligent than the others so I thought they could benefit more. These are all girls 5 - 12 - Jason is not keen to get in boys; they are naughty!! I do give the kids little presents like notebooks, pencils, pens for those at school and lollies for the younger ones. I have done a few games with them but I await brother Anger to come and play with them as he is the best in this department. I thank God for making this possible because most of these children as I said before are Muslims and this is the first time they ever heard about our Saviour Jesus Christ.

As for my door to door witnessing – it has been slow - blaming the rains again but really this is slow business because you have to spend at least an hour each visit and at least 3 visits to get someone understand what you are saying. Remember these people have been in various congregations for the last 100yrs or so therefore the concept of true salvation is foreign to them but we are getting there by God's grace.

We now have only 3 orphans - sisters and a cousin and they can now speak some English thanks to Kelli's patience and tenacity. They are old for the grades they are in but we have hope they will attain some education if they keep at it.

We've had a few visitors from USA and Australia. I was particularly blessed by Keturah's visit from Australia because she came when my eyes were still problematic and so taught some.

Moses continues to do outreaches to Mozambique and within Malawi and just recently ventured into Burundi and Rwanda.  So yes, God is doing some good work through the ministry though you want it to be faster.  Soon, Moses and a pastor from Mozambique will be going to Angola to see what the situation is like.

Please pray for us in all these areas and I do assure you that the sacrifices you make to support me are not in vain. Your prayers and monetary support makes this work possible, and I do thank you sincerely for that.  For those of you who have been praying for my children, the oldest got a job after years jobless and Norman has a job and has a wife who is expecting a baby. Please continue praying for their salvation, I am not certain that they are - you shall know them by they works.

I have to go now, I do love and miss you all and always am in prayer for you - for that is what we are commanded to do to pray without ceasing.

Bye for now,

In Christ, Theresa


July/August update


Hi Pastor and all,


I am still going ahead with what I am doing at the moment seeing patients as they come.  Doing scheduled clinics brings in heaps of people and it has become quite expensive to run it that way. So I buy very essential drugs and dispense these as needed. I am continuing with the ministry with the women and also my recently-started ministry with the children in our neighbourhood which Bro. Anger attended with me yesterday afternoon.  We had more than 40 children attend and if I had help I would divide this group into 2 so I could concentrate on teaching the older children and the other with the younger ones. I am using flash cards which we use to teach the kids at the orphanage. I also continue to witness in the village and am also teaching a group of unsaved women and one man.  I’m hoping to start a study for a couple of school teachers who are interested in the bible studies on salvation.


About the car, Moses and I definitely did some research before I bought it and asked the Malawi Revenue Authority about the costs and the money I had saved was going to be enough to pay for everything so it was such a huge shock to get the new costs which caught many people unawares like us. More especially when you get the new costs with the car at the border.  I just praise God it is here and it's being used by brother Anger and Moses in their teaching trips to the churches. He was such a blessing because he paid for its registration and insurance and so it could be used otherwise my plan was to keep it home till I had money to deal with the other requirements.


Please keep me in prayer as I need to have cataracts removal from my eyes in the near future, was almost going blind a couple of months ago and begged God to spare my eyesight as I needed them for my work.  I did go to the hospital and was given eye drops to help with the bad inflammation my eyes had. I have had some dental stuff done to my teeth and a piece of small metal holds my front teeth together. My blood pressure has been up to some worrying heights but I just stopped checking it.


I hope things have gone well with the land issue for the church building and will keep on praying for the church. Very sad about Kevin and Lois really and been praying for Liam for some time now and will continue to do that for the Butler's.


I give praise to the Lord my son Mutale got a job and able to look after his family- thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for the salvation of my family as I witnessed to almost everyone when I went home.


Thank you to the Rotorua ladies who sent me a lovely card on my birthday.  It arrived 7days after the event but I was so happy because I was feeling a little down that day having come from a village I had never been to and the level of poverty there was a bit too much but the women eager to receive us and the good news we took to them so the card cheered me up some. I went there with about ten women I disciple from one of our churches.


Work has been tough with Miss Jessica having left for the States.  So the teaching of the kids is left mainly to Mrs Kelli for I only teach bible study with her and the local language Chichewa. Still I have to be around to interpret and help as the kids are far behind academically and quite a challenge really.  We only have the 5 kids now with the others have been sent back to some relative. I try to visit them and help financially with school.

Have to run as the internet has started to play up.


I thank you all for your help and prayers and for sure your accounts in heaven gaining interest for without your support it would be impossible to do what I do.  Praying for you all as we take each one of us our crosses and follow our Master,


In Christ,



February, March and April update

Hi Pastor and all,   

I know its been a while I wrote to you but am back in Malawi (4th wk) and overalls on to continue where I left off.

I would however like to start by thanking you all for your ever needed prayers more especially those of you who know why I had to go to Zambia.
So many things happened back home, deaths, serious illnesses, accidents etc and prayed it was time I went to be with family and thereby witness one on one with those the Lord had prepared I talk to. So the six weeks I spent there were hectic moving from one town of Zambia to the next where my family is scattered and all by public transport which is a problem in these parts. However, God was great and he used me to witness to all I visited including my children.  There were places I went and would find 7 adults in one place because university or college were on recess and it was just amazing.  I was to carry tracts we use here in Malawi but on the Monday before I left there was no power in Mulanje so we couldn't make the 50 copies I needed so Moses sent those over to Zambia and got them after 2 weeks and was able to use them the rest of the time. I praise God for the opportunity to go back for I was able to boldly witness to my family which is quite extended. I praise God also for the fact that the sick are better even one who was involved in a bus/truck accident in which 52 people died, and one 15yr old niece who had sudden paralysis of her legs and had to come home from boarding school and I shared with them about salvation. My family is mainly catholic and so you know what went on, the questions and debates but I went prepared and the Holy Spirit did minister to me.  My sister who was diagnosed with a brain tumour is back at work and so are both nieces.

I went to visit a niece in Livingstone too and managed to go and relax at the Victoria Falls with a sister who just went through a divorce.  Coming back to Malawi found the Sigmons gone on furlough to the States and ms. Jessica holding  thefort alone at the orphanage with the help of Moses.  Nothing much is happening around Mulanje because of the shortage of manpower so we are just manning the property and teaching the kids. I have been doing short and nearby witnessing trips and seeing a few patients for word is just getting around I am back.

One of the national pastors here in Malawi is in hospital with TB but doing well and Moses got a pastor from Mozambique to go and visit with the sick pastor and preach at his church. Another church has just been planted and there is talk of one of the pastors from Mozambique to go and evangelise in Tete another part of Mozambique so that will make it 3 points of entry to that country.

The building of the manse is at a standstill since Mr Jason is away and won't be back till almost the end of year though his wife and children are coming back in 3wks.  So we still meet in the Sigmon's house and Moses does the preaching and translating in both services.

I have also since resumed my Friday teaching sessions with the women at a sister church and hope to restart going witnessing around their villages now that the rains are over.

Please continue to pray for the ministry as it is not yet registered and involves lawyers and what have you.  Also pray that we can reach out to the people of Mulanje who are our neighbours.

I hope you are all well and thank you for your support and prayers.  The property looks beautiful with grass and plants grown.

Regards to all
Take up your crosses and.....


January 2013


Hi everyone and Happy, Blessed 2013!

I hope the year 2012 ended as expected, resolved but most importantly as the Lord led you. My year ended with maturity after visits into desert places.  I pray I don't have to go there this year though, that the Lord can just whisper in my ear His wishes!

 We  are still trying to settle in our new place, mending broken pipes, putting up gutters because it rains so heavily and our houses might topple down, planting flowers, trees etc so we can have a little paradise in the middle of the village.

I continue to go and teach the women at the ex Good Samaritan Baptist church and as a team we go on alternate Fridays to witness. At times we do go on other days when invited to witness somewhere. The ladies are growing in their faith and are all saved so we can be on the same page of the book. It's amazing how ignorant they were before. I am also trying to get them to identify their strengths and interests so that they can start small income - generating businesses to sustain their homes - the poverty is shocking and criminal I think. One of the women is so eager and catches on quickly but she can't read/write, what a shame because she has so much potential for God's work. She has since started going for adult literacy classes but quite erratically for it is a busy season right now as they are all weeding their maize fields. This week we will be joined by one of the Mozambican pastor's wife who lives about 10km from where we live then I can ride a minibus with her to the other village in the opposite direction. I am trying to see if we can get her a bicycle to ride to and from our place to make life a little easier for her. Maybe later I can start something in her village. These women are so hungry for the word of God and pray God will use me to cater for them.

Wednesdays is our market day for the orphanage so there is no school but we all go to the market then Miss Jessica and I proceed to another market where we set up a table to sell Bibles and other readings but all so we can witness to the people as well. I am not sure whether we should have favourite work for the Lord but this is one job I love doing. Being able to spend 20 - 30 mins and sometimes longer with a person and sowing the word in them. I have had blessed moments at such times. Last week I met a young man Harry I had witnessed to months ago and was very anxious because he was convicted of his sinful life but didn't know how to actually be saved despite my previous time witnessing to him. It is believing the Holy Spirit is working in someone and you don't want to miss just that chance of being there. We have Moses’ mobile number printed on our tracts in case they have questions or clarifications on the tracts.

The rest of the week days we women are teaching the children from 0730 - 1500hrs minus lunch break starting with the Bible and we are now in 1 Sam. I teach Chichewa - their local language (with a chichewa - english dictionary beside me ), I also teach them life skills. They are in different grades so a challenge. I never thought I could teach but God is great in using the weak to do some of his work.

I attend to the sick from 1530hrs to 1730hrs the rest of the days except on Sundays. I do a lot of house visits in the village and surrounding villages and have become part of the scenery in Mulanje.

I want to thank you all for your prayers, financial and emotional support throughout the year - I do appreciate you all. Auckland Baptist Church can I thank you for the two packages you sent. I was dumbfounded when I saw all the tools  you laboriously wrapped and sent. You are a small church but do Big things - didn't mean to embarrass you though but those garden forks are handy in the tall grass - thank you.

Prayer Points –

1.       More workers for full time work, Jason and Moses are actually overworked if I may say so, which means  God's work suffers in some areas. I pray some of you will be Peters and wish to walk on the windy and boisterous sea with the Lord than sit in the boat and float - here's a challenge.

2.       To see and have much fruit from the work being done here.

3.       Salvation of the kids.

4.       Spiritual growth for the rest of us and enlarged coasts for the ministry.

One of the older orphans Nduzani was sent home just before Christmas for good - that's the teenager with HIV. It was getting hard to manage her and was becoming a bad influence on the other girls. It was very sad but had to be done.

I guess I am pushing my luck and so will stop here. Love and miss you all and I hope those that went to Hamilton for family camp had a blessed time. I thank God and pray for you all always.

Take up your cross - it becomes easier as you go.



December 2012



November 2012

Hi everyone,

My letters are getting later and later but the internet problem is real as Domingo will confirm.  Tried to use the network last week but its either there is no power or no network but praise God that I am able to write to you today.


We have not moved yet to the new place because there is still electrical stuff to finish.  The premises are connected but the houses are not.  There are other few things that need to be done. However, I have removed all stuff from the rental house and as soon as we move then I can attend to patients again.  I can only do some wound dressings at patient's homes though that's not easy as they is no running water in their homes - a challenge indeed.


For the past two weeks I haven't been able to go and teach the women at a sister church as we have been busy packing and moving some stuff to the new place. I continue to witness to patients but for the past two weeks Jessica and I have been unable to go to our Wednesday post, selling Bibles and witnessing.

Roy and Edna Fulkerson have since left our ministry and are working with Freedom {used to work with us} in Blantyre.  They are praying as they consider a request by other missionaries to go and do some administration work at a Bible college. Keep them in prayer.


Work at the orphanage is almost complete.  The kids have enjoyed painting their bedroom (the girls). The two boys will be sharing a house with Moses.

Two more churches have been planted, one in Mozambique the other here in Malawi.


I have been in Malawi 14 months now, and it has been a challenging but rewarding period.  It's a joy to see the kids grow though only one is saved but every day of the week they listen to the word of God.  We haven't been able to do much school work because of the packing and moving.

Pray with me as I contemplate what vehicle to buy after selling the Prado.  I have put the sale money in a fixed deposit and will be looking to buy when we settle and not be in a rush.  I sold and gave away many things that came in the container and the money helped me buy medications. 

Since the local currency's value dropped, the cost of living has just gone up, in fact it has trebled and the people here are suffering.  Basic things like sugar, salt and maize meal is unaffordable for many, many people.


The hospitals are buildings with no medications or quality services and thankful to you all for your support for I can help at least a few people here.  I am getting used to the misery and suffering and my prayer is that these people be saved and go when they leave here to heaven.


I have to go now. Continue praying for the ministry here for more workers and wisdom from above to do what the Lord wants us to do and how to do it.


I miss you all and love you and I do pray for you.


Take up the cross and......



September 2012

Hi Pastor Jono and all,


I pray you are all well now that the cold is fading away. I am very well though it is the hottest month here and leaves one exhausted.  Sorry for the delay in writing to you my September prayer letter.  We've been very busy trying to complete the building of the houses so we can move there end of this month.  It’s hard for we are few and all the houses are not yet finished.  I started painting the inside of my house like the other ladies but my house has no glass on the windows and the doors don't shut - incomplete so I have rooms with 2 inches of dust on the floors and on my newly painted walls so I have given that up and now chasing after carpenters to have the doors fixed, someone to put glass on the windows, put up the ceiling boards and there is a huge hole where Jason is planning a small loft that I can use for storage.  Plumbing, lightings still to be done but getting there.  If not ready by end of month I might move into the clinic because we have to vacate the house we all live in by the end of  month.

I continue to attend to patients as they come but don't have scheduled days for that because of the huge numbers that shows up when I do that. I last did a mobile clinic when Domingo visited as we can't leave school work not done as you are aware we home school the children.  It has been tough trying to teach them some of them teens but so behind.  No-one is at High school level yet.

I continue to go and teach the women on Fridays at a sister church and we go evangelising in nearby villages on alternate Fridays.  Our witnessing everyday of the week continues with some of us taking turns to do it.  We try to spend time with each person and preach the good news or make them understand the salvation plan.  It’s slowly paying off and I am sure there is harvest.  I also try to visit at least one or two people per week to witness to them in the village, though I am doing less because of our busy schedule.

Am also supporting some orphans with school fees, notebooks, uniforms as I am able but will give them some work to pay for their requirements.  My vegetable garden is thriving at the new place and I still maintain the old garden despite the heat.  The children have been great watering as I teach them to grow their own veggies.

We were very blessed to be visited by brother Anger and Domingo. Domingo took over the kitchens and gave the ladies some rest.  I was able to visit places with them to witness.

We still have Nathan with us who is going back to the states in December - which will be a loss because he's been such a tremendous help to the ministry.  He even went and stayed a week in Mozambique with one of the pastors there.  He might come back to work in Mozambique if God wants.  Please pray for this man who is looking to serve God in a very needy country.

I thank you for your massive spiritual and financial support. Sad though is the problem I had with the Prado and I just sold it last week and am praying for wisdom and God's direction to get another smaller vehicle better suited for driving in the villages.

Mr Roy and Mrs Edna are moving on to Blantyre where they will be working with Freedom one of our pastors we worked with but left.  Freedom is helping to translate Matthew Henry's Commentary into the local language and when done will be a first in the country.

I miss you all and love you and pray for you.  I guess I have to run before the network quits.  Had to go to 3 places before I found one with internet.

Bye for now and please continue to pray with us for the ministry, more workers and

challenges we face bringing up the orphans.  Not enough workers and accommoda-

tion to have more kids. I have also donated a lot of the stuff sent to me to the local

government hospital - they were very appreciative indeed.


Take up the cross and......



July 2012

Hi All,


I would first of all like to apologise for the shoddy performance of Airtell (Network provider). Been trying to write for a long time but it’s been hard.  I just pray with Domingo's coming things might change for us.  It's great though to be able to write to you though I have to be quick in case I am jinxed.  I would like to thank each one of you for your prayers and financial and other support (emails,texts) You are appreciated for sure.  I hope you are all well and strong in the Lord.

I am well and very,very busy.  Building at the property is progressing well.  Jason and the others are working long hours to finish the work before the rains.  They had to stop making their own bricks and buy ready-made ones and thus the progress.  The Clinic structure - 1 room is roofed just needing finishing touches.  My little house on the prairie has also been roofed - in the last couple of days and the men are busy doing the plumbing and electric wiring and the like.  The Sigmon's house is also progressing and so are the  other structures.  I have started a new vegetable garden with the kids and though our sweet potatoes and peas were not that great we haven't given up hope but planting more stuff.  We are also trying to preserve a lot of food, canning, drying to try and beat what will be a year of famine for Malawi.  You would be surprised at what we are drying.



We have lost another orphan Michael - the 8yr old who was involved in witchcraft. He's been sent back to his village - a shame, but looks like there were no other options after trying to seek for advice from spiritual experts on the subject. Thokozani prays for him at the kids every meal for Michael to be saved so he can come back.


The other kids we got Regina, Idah, Charity and Justin have since joined our home school.  We had to get a Principal of a nearby school to help us with syllabuses and school stuff so we know where we are at with their school work and so they can be graded at the end of each year to go to a higher level or grade.  It’s hard enough to deal with medical problems, add teaching to that then you get the idea of where I am at.  Mrs. Kelli is the only qualified teacher here but we all try - Miss Jessica and I.  I pray we have more servants coming to join us so we are able to do more than we are. doing at the moment.


I continue with the weekly teaching/discipling of women in a sister church and our first witnessing Friday went well.  We go again this Friday.  Concerning the teaching we are still on the first lesson based on Titus 2:1-5 but we are all enjoying the lesson.  It’s slow because some of the women don't read and don't have bibles but getting there.


Jessica Thoko and I continue witnessing and selling Bibles on Wednesdays – that is where I came from coming to the internet cafe trying to convince God after doing that it would be kind of fitting to have network - so here I am. The other team members go on other days except Mr Jason who is busy most of the time but does go when God affords him chance.

Moses is his usual self being a jack of all trades and found everywhere.  I went with him and Jessica to a 4- church conference 2hrs drive away which took us 3 hrs because of the bad roads.  I conducted a mobile clinic there and came back at night.  I also continue to go house to house witnessing and its great.  You need time with a person here to make them understand what you are talking about by trying to erase from their minds what the protestants have put in their minds the past 100 -150 yrs.  It's hard work, at times frustrating but we work with faith.  The harvest is indeed is white.  I have to go or I might be late for church tonight.  Looking forward to seeing the visitors soon!


Take up the Cross......




June 2012

Hi Pastor,


I hope you are all well. I am fine and so is everyone else here. I am back at the internet cafe and been here a while and pray I can manage to finish my letter.

First, sad to report that our would have been additions to the orphans, baby Isaac and his sister Catherine left 3 weeks ago as the granny kept interfering with the way we bring up the kids here.  Sadly we had to let them go and this broke Jessica's heart as she had unofficially adopted Isaac.

A week later I had to go to Blantyre to be with a niece who has married a Malawian and she was expecting a baby - she has had her baby girl and so I am back at Mulanje. I had quality time with her, her husband and my great-niece (12yrs) who I believe got saved.  Please pray for them all Christabel, Roosevelt and Niya for conviction and salvation.  I was able to witness to their helper who goes to a baptist church but is not saved.  I got her a bible which is a blessing as many people don't own any.  I just wish they read English for we have thousands of bibles which we are selling at a cheap price then use the proceeds to printing small tracts in the local language.




We continue to go out in turns to the market to sell the bibles and witness.  Moses does the most days while Mr Roy and Mrs Edna does Thursdays. Jessica and I and Thoko do Wednesdays as this is our market day so I drive the lot of us to the market and after we are done with our shopping Mrs Kelly walks home with the kids while the three of us go on to the other market to witness.

I go to the Chisitu church to conduct the ladies meeting and we are still on Lesson 1 - the foundation of the study based on Titus 2:2-5.  Then Mr Jason suggests I teach the women how to win souls so on alternate Fridays we go witnessing after giving them a few tips. Pray for this because the women are quite nervous about this. This is a group of 7-8 saved women.

Work at the property is speeding up since Mr Jason decided to be buying locally made bricks instead of making our own bricks which we did at a snails pace - 25 bricks/day using an awkward machine from USA.  The clinic room and my house are at roof level.  The Sigmond's has the foundation done and is awaiting bricks to be delivered so the walls will be going up from tomorrow.  The girls house which was initially supposed to be my house is almost ready for occupation and so is the other house in which Freedom used to live in.  Its been altered and will be the quarters for Moses, his son when he comes for holidays and the boy orphans.  God and funds willing, we might be moving in October to our property. We still don't have registration for our ministry for we applied late and might take a while. We have been unable to conduct mobile clinics for lack of manpower and time - the building is taking all the men's time. However, I attend to patients who come daily to ask for help but not scheduled times. 

(Below are pics of a boy who got a new wheelchair thanks to all those who contributed to the container project)



I also to go house to house witnessing and follow ups on those I have witnessed to.

We also have the four orphans move in with us as it was hard for them to live on their own without adult supervision - so it’s a full house and quite mad.

The Prado has since been fixed, and is quite useful though fuel and all commodities have skyrocketed with the local currency having been devalued by 49%.So the building costs have gone up by more than 100%. We just pray we finish before long.

We have a visitor Nathan from the USA who will be here for 6mnths - he misses his Mountain Dew and Mcdonalds - its funny!!

Pray for us as we keep losing people that were saved and then by their fruit are discovered are not truly saved and so are asked to leave church.  I am not discipling at the orphanage any more for its only Thoko who is saved there, we just teach him as we can manage. 

The other problem we have is we can't even bring in other people into the church even if they are saved because Jason doesn't believe we need to.  So the people who are saved are not kind of welcome in our church so they go back to their old churches and so there is no growth or fruit where we live even though strides are being done in Mozambique thanks for the passion Moses has for evangelising there.

I am trying to buy bags of beans to resell later so I can raise some extra money for building and also to buy medications when I get back into that full time.

I miss you all but wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  The little difference I make in people's lives is worth any inconveniences I encounter.  I am called a dokota (doctor) or Agogo (granny) cute names I think.  My head is all grey since I have been here.

Bye for now - as for pics we still have to find a way to send them but it will be done. Our peas and sweet potato garden didn't do too well as the rains disappeared before expected time.  Not giving up though as I grow other vegetables and have saved a little money as we eat from what I grow especially for the orphanage.

I will end here with greetings to you all and thanking the Lord for your support which you give sacrificially and your prayers.  I do at times read some comments on facebook but it is such a struggle one can't reply to all unless you have all the time in the world. However, thanks to all - I do appreciate you all.

Take up the Cross and.....


May 2012

Hi Pastor,

I just had this opportunity coming to the Boma and found the internet working. I hope all is well in NZ. I am well after the long fight with MRA (Malawi Revenue Authority – dealing with the container) and my TEP (Temporary Employment Permit – paid for it but they didn’t stamp her passport then made her pay more to get the stamp!)  I am joyful to report all is well now.  I had a little mishap skipping rope with the children, spring-chick that I am, and sprained my left ankle on a Saturday.  Then on Sunday went with everyone up the mountain with Jason's mum who visited us for 2 weeks - that made it worse and as though that was not enough went to celebrate the kids birthdays in style in Blantyre with jumping castles and all and couldn't help crawling on them and jumping a bit with them.  By Thursday I had to soak my ankle in Epsom salts (still works) and crepebandaged it and have kept low till today as I had to come to send mail. 


I am happy to report that the 4 months of trying to get my contain is over.  Of course without your prayers and financial bailing me out this would been a different story (Thank you to those churches and individuals who made this possible!!)  Last week Moses (God bless him) finalised everything including the payments and then the vehicle couldn’t be started and this began another nightmare for us.  The warehouse owner's son who is Chinese had a spare part brought in by a friend who was travelling from SA.  I see the great hand of God in all this because everything was done by Monday evening except for the vehicle having no plates and insurance.  I had run out of money but this came through when Moses was in Blantyre and he had to leave what he was doing at Immigration to go get the money and go and pay for the repairs to the vehicle.  As I write Moses and Jason have gone to have the rest done and Jason will drive back the vehicle while Moses proceeds to SA on personal business which he had to postpone to run around and do what he had to do for me.  (The vehicle and everything from the container is now with Theresa in Mulanje and she is enjoying the blessing of having some wheels!!)

The next thing I do is now to arrange an interview with the Nursing council for my practising licence, followed by an attachment to the local hospital for some weeks and thereafter if I convince them I can still work then a licence is issued.  Meanwhile, we continue our work teaching the kids not just academically but also wisdom in basic facts of life such as that if you don't work, you don't eat as some of you would have seen on tagged pics of me and the kids on facebook (see pics).  We now have a sweetpotato, pea, bean, and cassava garden.

Lydia the helper to the orphanage has since left and we are manning it between us.  The older kids Nduza and Thoko take turns cooking with me and Miss Jessica doing our turns too.  It’s tough more especially as the children are home schooled.  Freedom who was Moses's counterpart has also left with his family leaving us with no National preacher/interpreter when Moses is not around.  Moses has more work to do now that more pastors from another part of Mozambique need to be taught.  Quite a challenge.

The building of the wallfence continues but this time another cheaper quicker way of brickmaking is going on.  By next week the wall might finish and we could start the houses.  I will have to contribute towards building my house-don't know yet what it will cost but won’t be much because it will be little and simple. 

We will resume mobile clinics soon as the rains have almost stopped, but it will be tricky because there aren't enough of us.  Margaret has since started to walk without crutches and next month she goes for review and be fitted for special shoes because one of her legs is shorter due to the many operations she had to undergo.  We have given a wheelchair to a 16yr old boy - Steven and he was so grateful for it.  His old one was a joke.  Don't know if I mentioned being called to help a family of 7 who had triplets.  I haven’t been able to go back to visit but last weekend word came to me they were admitted to hospital for failure to thrive and now with the Prado available I can make visits to help.  We have also decided to keep Margaret even after recovery to give her some hope even though she has parents.  We have also unofficially adopted 3 orphans of a saved woman of a sister Church.  I was to start discipling their mum and another woman when she was taken ill and died.  They will stay in the village but we will be supporting them.  More orphans are expected when we move to the property.

Keep us in prayer for more servants for the ministry as we are stretched.  Please pray for the older kids Nduza and Thoko who are struggling in their spiritual walk.  It’s been a challenge to disciple them since the 2 helpers left as my Chichewa language is not that good yet.  I try to go and witness in the village when I have some time but one needs time to make people understand what you are saying as you witness.  We might soon have someone come to help from USA for 6 months God willing, a 29yr old man who graduates from Bible college in two weeks.

I have to stop here and go back as the internet is slow and have been here almost 2 hours reading a few mails and writing this one.



March 2012

Hi Pastor,

I am sorry for the delay in writing to you and the churches but internet has been hard to access.  Right now am at a cafe and been here some time and going at a slow pace.  I don't think I will be able to send any photos this time because they have the old computers and have no cord for sending such.

However I am well and at peace though so much is happening around me.

As of now we haven’t heard from the MRA yet (the people who decide on charging duty tax on imports) but I trust the Lord is working behind the scenes and fixing everything and in the process learning to be patient and to persevere.
You are aware that I closed the clinic till I get my nursing licence which needs me to have a temporary employment permit.  I applied for this in December and the minister who approves them is in parliament and those duties have to wait till he comes back to the office- weird!  The reason I had to close was that the response from the people was overwhelming when they knew there was a clinic and we were drawing attention to the authorities and also a threat to the private clinics.  It is rainy season still so we can't even conduct mobile clinics.What I am doing though is walking around the village and treating those that need my help.  Also the villagers where we are know I can attend to them and they do come individually but not in crowds.  After the rains we will continue where we left off, and hopefully I would have got my Temporary Employment Permit.

I do continue to disciple Lydia who works at the orphanage and helps teach the kids, Nduza(ni) the oldest orphan who is 15yrs old and is on medications for HIV(trying without much success to make her into a lady), Thoko(zani) saved just 2 wks ago has joined us.  He is 12 - 13yrs old and brother to Nduzani and Ruth.  I was also discipling Andame who worked at the orphanage but was asked to leave because she went to another church and it would be tricky when teaching children the Bible with her different beliefs.    Other than that, I go witnessing in the village passing out tracts on repentance and salvation.  I also do a visitation ministry as a nurse checking on people who have attended our clinics.  At times after morning service and lunch on Sundays we go out with Moses to witness when he is around.  Like I might have mentioned before, I have never met a servant of God who worked as Moses does.  He is rare indeed in this age and never complains about anything.  He is the one who goes around our churches in Malawi and Mozambique, has a prison ministry, helps teach at other churches and preach when they want to know the truth about things.  He is the one who fights for us all the government issues.  Pray for him please so he can continue the good fight.  He lives with Jason’s family and me.

My other duties is teaching the kids Health and science as they are home schooled.  Ms. Kelli and Ms. Jessica are the other teachers.  We start in the morning with learning the books of the Bible and memorising them.  We are at Aefeso (Ephesians).We have the five orphans; Nduza, Thoko, Michael -7yrs and was used in witchcraft and we believe still is by what we see, Ruth is 7 or 8,Moreen is 6.We also have Margaret the 6yr old who had severe osteomylitis of both legs and we are keeping her while she is on the mend.  I am happy to report that the casts have been removed from her legs after undergoing 3 operations and learning to walk with crutches.  She's got both parents but I hope they can allow us to keep her and give her some hope for her future.  Her parents used to leave her locked in the house while she had the infection and that’s how Jason and Moses found her when they went witnessing to her village.  One of her legs is now short because of the 3 surgeries she has had.  The other kid we teach is Selah - the Sigmons 4yr old daughter.

I have 3days of discipleship teaching after school.  We have since stopped going to the other church we were trying to help with teaching. We all used to go but now only Moses and Freedom go to teach on the days suitable for that church - that church has since split.  Those without salvation testimony took over the church while pastor Jones and the saved members are meeting under a tree.  Our church has a few members.  Jason and his family, Moses, me, Jessica, Lydia, Freedom, Nduza and Thoko.  The other kids do not attend because they are not yet saved.  No unsaved persons are allowed in.  We sing hymns both in Chichewa and English but have only a few copies - we share.

I have no house yet as we wait for what Jasons plans are after the wall is finished- in a years time if we don't get help.  The property was bought with two structures on them; a house which Freedom and family occupy and another unfinished house which initially Jason said would be my house but now am not sure because he is asking me to complete it and then share it with someone or have a smaller one made for me but I don't know yet who funds this building.  It is a wait and see situation.  There was no plan for the clinic as far as Jason was concerned but after a little pressure he says he will build a little structure in the fence so people do not come inside the property when we finally move - to snoop around.  I still rent the little house I used as a clinic because that is where we keep all the stuff for the clinic and other stuff that came from the USA.

I have since assisted two families start small businesses.  One of the families had a severely malnourished 4yr old and after bringing her back to health then supervise "mum" with meals and teaching.  The other family have 9 children - 5 of them orphans and they don't want to give up the orphans because people will talk.  Those are some of the challenges we face everyday and learning at times to tell myself I can't solve all their problems.  It has been an interesting 6mnths in which I have been pruned, hammered, chiselled, put in the fire and all the time learning to be obedient and trusting and totally dependent upon the Lord.

I am happy to be here and next week I start to go to the local hospitals to witness to people who are always there caring for their sick.

Forgot about a young 27yr old with 5 children who had triplets last month.  The word has gone around about the clinic and other help we render and so we were asked to help.  We did help but am sorry to say I haven't been back to see how the family are doing back in their village.  Need my own transport to do follow up visit as when I ask Jason to take me I am taking him from the building.   We, the women and children walk to either hospitals once every fortnight to take cookies and lollies to kids admitted.  It is a 2 Km walk but we enjoy it and as we walk people make fun of us but we have grown thick skins and don't care.

Pray for all areas of our ministry as it is hard and can be tricky at times.  PRAY for the unsaved kids and growth, faithfulness for the saved ones, wisdom, PRAY for God's guidance for every one of us, especially Jason and Moses as leaders.
Have been in the cafe an hour and half and pray you get the email!







Note from Pastor Jono…

 Thank you all for your prayers and support in collecting materials for Theresa’s container.  It has been sent and is somewhere off the coast of Africa at the moment.  Please pray we avoid potentially crippling duty tax, especially on the vehicle.  Thanks especially to Bro. Tim Cronin for all the work he put into the container, Prado and shipping organisation as well as Bro. Stephen Lankshear for working on the Prado.  Theresa’s update as of early November is below...

 This is my third week in Nkhonya village, Mulanje, Malawi. A tenant for my house in Zambia was found a week after I left with rentals reduced for the house.  I was unable to get in touch with those involved because of network problems and also you have to walk far to buy airtime, so I thank God for his faithfulness in solving that six-month-long hazard.

 Some of you might be aware that the ministry (Reaching Beyond Borders) purchased another piece of land in the village because the other one just at the mount was too rocky and quite a distance away from a hospital should we have needed to evacuate anyone. Building there and growing anything would have been next to impossible.  So here we are at the village at the moment renting 3 houses at an old motel; one for the orphans and their two carers Andema (?Laura) and Lydia.  The Faulkersons - Roy and Edna an elderly couple helping the ministry from the USA occupy another.  The last one is occupied by the Sigmons - Jason, Kelli his wife, their kids Selah (4) and 5mnth old Uriah, plus Miss Jessica, a young woman from the States who came to visit with a friend but has since stayed and helps Kelli homeschool all the children and do the cooking.  Then of course there is me being a mother to them all!

 On a serious note I have been given the responsibility to teach Health/science to the kids.  I have attended to some sick people who know where we are and have done some follow up to an elderly woman who had an ankle dislocation attended to by an Australian nurse who visited with brother Anger before I came.  The woman is on the mend and is back digging in her gardens.  I also treated a young man with malaria using my only personal supply - it was at the weekend and the clinics around here are closed. So pray I don't get any malaria soon as at the moment I have no anti-malarials which we need as we are getting into the malaria season.

 There is building going on at the property - 2 houses one of which is mine and will perhaps be sharing it with another missionary - Mrs Goodman who has shown some interest in joining us.  At the rate we are going I might be moving to the new house next year.  



There are just about 5 men working on the house and trying to put up a fence at the same time.  One of the men - Moses, has to have alternative weeks to go and teach/train pastors and other saved men in Mozambique and other areas. He is a blessing and the Lord is using him mightily for his harvest.  Sadly, not many people are saved even in Baptist churches.  They are just given tracts maybe the Romans road to salvation and that is it. So indeed there is much work here to be done.

 One of the orphans, Nduza, has gotten saved and baptised since I have been here and I start a discipleship course with her and the two carers.  One of them attends another church but is saved (the other I will ascertain tonight).  This is a one year course and feel quite challenged because of language barriers but I trust the Lord is in control.  I am also trying to get Jason to take us to Mozambique when they go next to see what’s happening there.

 That is where we are at the moment plus the weekly mobile clinics for now until I get my vehicle then I reach the really needy.  I have to run just now as I have a class to teach in 10 minutes and the kids are starting to line up.

 Thank you all for your prayers and time and financial support.  Yes, you have invested in me and I know God will make sure there is a return!  Greetings to all and the Lord God bless you.

 In Christ, 





Packing the container

The Prado ready to go

Tying it down

On the ship - second from the top on the left hand side... just kidding!

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